COVID-19 and other updates

Masseria Poesia COVID-19 and other updates

Each of our apartments is completely independent from the others and has an ample private terrace outside. A value added in these times of Covid-19! The pool area, too, is spacious enough so that guests can keep their distance from one another.

Some practical matters:

For the latest on rules for traveling to and in Italy or the lifting thereof you may want to consult the official website of the Region Puglia at and at Qui Regione Puglia. I Cisternino from 1920. 

Drinking water. Nothing new but we add the following information anyway. From the beginning of the First World War AQP, Acquedotto pugliuese, is the public provider of drinking water. Just open the faucet and out comes water that  is not only perfectly safe to drink but tastes good and is of an excellent quality that is monitored continuously.

Current and near-future events

The finals of the fireworks competition, part of the festivities in honour of San Rocco, paron saint of Locorotondo, traditionally takes place the day after Ferragosto. This year that is on Tuesday 16 August at midnight. Our pool area is the perfect place to watch.

Festival of the senses

A recent tradition is a series of movies, lectures etc. held on beautiful and typcal locations. They are organized around a specifiaround a specific theme. This year it is seeds. See