Wining and dining

Masseria Poesia Wining and dining

It is not difficult to eat well in Puglia. We have already indicated some addresses for diy-chefs in the Shopping section. Here you will find some suggestions (out of the very numerous possibilities). In the Valle d’Itria many butchers also offer the “fornello pronto,”: you pick the meat and they cook it for you in the wood oven. To take away or eat on the premises (often on your feet and you may have to bring your own bottle). While you enjoy the home-made appetizers (try their little lamb’s tripe rolls in vegetable broth) the owners grill the cuts of your choice on the barbecue and cook the rolled and stuffed fillets you have picked on vertical skewers in the wood oven. Both the traditional and the creative fillings are very good. Close to Masseria Poesia (900mt) you will find the new ZIO BRICCO PIZZERIA recommended to eat a good pizza or false panzerotti.

In case you would like to eat fish you will have to travel to the sea, preferably to the very beach (the locals tend to take the freshness of fish seriously). The coast between Torre Canne and Savelletri is littered with wooden barracks where you can eat sea urchins in the season and other fish dishes on the beach. Justly famous is the fishermen’s hamlet of La Forcatella, about halfway, where you have a choice of three. North of Torre Canne and South of Savelletri there is a host of fish restaurants, as in the two little towns themselves. We’d like to draw your particular attention to La Taverna in Savelletri (0039-080-482105). Starters (antipasti) are usually abundant and varied enough in Puglian restaurants for an entire lunch or dinner.