Alberobello (which you can see from the house) lies 15 kms to the North. Its historic center is composed of trulli and has been inserted by Unesco in World Heritage List. It is part of the territory of the Valle d'Itria and the Murgia dei trulli.

Its history goes back to the sixteenth century. One of the several explanations for the conic constructions is that count Giangirolamo, nicknamed Squinty of the Puglie (1600-1665), allowed the construction of stone walls without cement only in order to avoid paying the levies to the Viceroy of Spain of the Realm of Naples. The conic roofs are embellished with pinnacles and often decorated with religious, astrological and other mystic symbols.

Famous tourist attraction and location of the Museo del Territorio, that together with Cisternino, Fasano, Martina Franca and Monopoli is part of the Ecomuseum of the Valle d’Itria. The splendid city center with its trulli has repeatedly been the location of movies and it attracts couples from all over the world to get married there. In Alberobello you can buy many products of the local craftspeople such as wrought iron, sculpted stone objects, olive-wood baskets, leatherwork, linen clothes, wine, olive oil and almond pastry. You can enjoy all this while taking a walk through the trulli-lined streets. The weekly market is held on Thursday morning.