At seven kilometers from Masseria Poesia Locorotondo is nearby (you can see its white historical center with the cathedral from our house). Distinguished with the orange flag by the Italian Touring Club it occupies a hilltop on the plateau of the Murge dei Trulli. In 2001 Locorotondo has been inserted in the ranks of the Association of the most beautiful townships of Italy. It has its historical roots in the Middle Ages. Its circular map follows the contours of the hill top. The town's geographical origins lie in the concentric circles of the cultivated fields that descend from it. The original buildings are the "cummerse," simple stone constructions with overhanging roofs. Locorotondo is known as the city of the contrade (boroughs); it contains 146 of them.

Worthy of notice are the cooperative winery Cantina Sociale, that produces among other wines the Locorotondo DOC. The Local Action Group (GAL) of the Valle d'Itria organizes many events and has created trekking and cycling routes. One of these passes in front of out house. You can visit the many masserias of the Valle d'Itria and taste and buy the justly renowned local produce (wine and dairy produce) - also available at the weekly market on Friday.

Picturesque location of numerous movies and events that are known world-wide, such as the Locus Festival. The celebration of the city’s patron saint, San Rocco, revered for liberating the population from the plague, is also the occasion of a spectacular fireworks contest (16 August).