At a distance of 95 kms to the South of Masseria Poesia lies Lecce. Some call it the Florence of the South for its typically 17th-century architecture. In its very long history Lecce has known two particularly florid periods during the Roman Empire and the Empire of Naples. During the latter many of the rich baroque lime-stone buildings and monuments were erected that engendered the expression "Lecce baroque." The soft local lime stone is relatively easy to carve but is also subject to the adverse effects of wind, rain and pollution. This has had the unintended consequence of keeping alive the tradition of stone carvers. You might start your visit in Piazza Duomo, once a fortified citadel and now known as the city's salotto, the most elegant square in town. It is enclosed by the grandiose Duomo, designed by Zimbalo, Cino and Penna, the tall five-storey bell tower, the Bishop's Palace and the Palazzo del Seminario. The latter is one of the best examples of the splendour of the Lecce baroque.